Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tale of the Baganda...

"I'm pregnant" exclaimed Mama Jane


This whole language barrier thing brings Mama Jane, Auntie Florence and I some really good laughs!

What made it funny...well Mama Jane is 48 years old and is a widow...so the possibility of her actually being pregnant was next to impossible!

Just a few days before, Mama Jane had also proclaimed that she was too "cold" to have her toes painted...after a little translating, what she really meant was that she was too "old"...

But I digress..

The proclamation was too much for any of us to bear and we all laughed until we cried, even Mama Jane... poor Auntie Florence was doing Lamaze breathing to try and catch her breath and I was holding my stomach which started to hurt from all the laughter!

Once we finally got control of ourselves we began to get some clarification on the statement...

What happened...

Well Mama Jane saw that I had ring worm on the back of my arm and so she was trying to tell me that the Baganda believe that when you have that your arm it means that either your mother or sister is pregnant.

Being that I call her "Momma" and she calls me her "daughter" she was trying to tell me that my mother might be pregnant..

Ahh the tales of generations past...obviously NOT rooted in any truth BUT they sure do make for a good time of laughter between friends!

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