Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sandra frog hunting buddy is moving tomorrow.

She is in S3 (probably similar to 8th or 9th grade). We have bonded over the last 6 weeks and I enjoy her visits to my house and time with her.

About 4 weeks ago she ran up to me with such an excited look on her face, "Guess what Auntie?! It was one of my best days today!"

Well naturally I asked why. Her mother had phoned the school that morning saying that she would be visiting the following day. Sandra hasn't seen her mother for years. It has been so long that she now has 3 other siblings that she has never met. Her father is in prison and so she lives here at New Hope and is a part of Ebenezer Family.

Sandra's smile was so big. She could barely contain it. She was focused on looking her best for her mother's arrival and was so excited to finally meet the siblings she now had.

The next day, I rushed over to Sandra's house before devotions to find out how her meeting went. The smile was gone. Her mother had never shown up.

A few more weeks went by and still Sandra hadn't heard a peep. That is until about 2 weeks ago. Her mother finally showed up with her other children. Sandra was so excited. She retold me how she skipped school that day because she had received word her mother would be there. She said her siblings looked just like her and that her mother was proud of her.

I of course, was not all that excited. But I kept the feelings to myself and celebrated with Sandra. At the end of our conversation Sandra said..."Guess what?"


Sandra's mom has now decided that she wants Sandra to live with her and her siblings. Sandra had just 2 weeks to prepare to leave the only home and school she has known here at New Hope. I had my doubts, but again, Sandra was nothing but excited.

I told her to keep in touch. I told her I would miss her and that I loved her very much.

Tonight Sandra stopped by to give me a hug. She leaves tomorrow morning before dawn.
My heart tells me that this is probably not the right move for Sandra. But Sandra's heart is eager to have that ideal "family" that she has never had before.

Please pray for her. Please pray for the situation she is walking into. Please pray for her safety. Please pray that her mother will provide her the school fees she will need for her new school.

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