Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post dated Posts...

So I was chatting with someone this week and we decided that a disclaimer for my blog would be a GREAT topic...

So here it top blog secret :)

I acquire SO many great blog posts living here in Uganda that most days I could probably type 3 or 4 separate blogs on the same day...the problem with that is...who wants to read 4 blog posts on one day??

SO...blogger has this amazing function...its called "Post dating"

I can type 10 blogs in the middle of a sleepless night and then set them to post every 4 me about a month worth of blogs without having to log in every few days and post another blog.

That being said...if you send me an "urgent email" and I haven't responded BUT something posted on my blog...don't think I ignored your reality I probably haven't even logged onto the Internet that day...

Ahh the joys of technology!!

Happy blog reading!!

1 comment:

Jen Unander said...

Hehe I love it! I totally need to take advantage of the 'post dating' too. hehe

I miss you girl. Thank you for the card! I will be writing you back soon. I promise! :)