Monday, August 10, 2009

She's SOOO Cute!

Honor, or Nana, as we call her, is a 1 1/2 year old and she is SOOOOO cute!

Her mom and I have struck up a friendship and so Nana is often at my house taking a nap while her mom and I chat.

Today, being Friday, was a day of beauty for us girls. We painted our nails and toes and well of course, what 1 1/2 year old wants to sleep when there are toes being painted!

So Nana now has pink fingers and pink toes! It's so cute!

Her mom was telling us that even at 1 1/2 Nana is quite into style. She loves pink and loves to have her hair braided.

I made a comment about how cute she looked with the little gold studs in her ears as well.

That comment brought me to a whole new understanding on Ugandan worldview...

You see Ronnie and Blessing (her parents) didn't pierce her ears for beauty or cuteness. They didn't even pierce them to identify her as a girl. They pierced them for her safety!

Safety?? Huh?!

Yeah..thats what I was thinking, but Blessing explained it to me...

You see, kidnapping little children and offering them as child sacrifices is still an issue here BUT children with imperfections (which include holes in their ears) are not considered a holy sacrifice to the gods and therefore, are less of a target for these kidnappers.

Can you believe it! It still shocks me as I type this and when I heard it, it made me want to run around with a needle and start poking every ear of every little kid I could see...

How sick our world is without Jesus for He was our perfect sacrifice, once and for all.

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