Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homework Fun with a P7 English Book!

So instead of the USA version of “See spot run”, Ugandan English books tell a different tale…one of a mosquito rather than a dog!

I came across this in the family group…as the children piled up their school books before dinner.

The P-7 (similar to about 6th or 7th grade in the states) English book was on top and so naturally I took a look…the first thing I came across was this story and I couldn’t stop laughing…it was HILARIOUS… so now…I share it with you…enjoy!

Mr. Mosquito: Good Morning Miss Ear

Miss Ear: Oh Good Morning Mr. Mosquito!

Mr. Mosquito: Miss Ear, may you please sit down with me on that bench? There is ah….ah…

Miss Ear: Why? Is there something serious?

Mr. Mosquito: I don’t know how to say it, but….I want….ah…to ask you something.

Miss Ear: Okay! Let’s sit down and hear it!

Mr. Mosquito: You see Miss, I have spent many nights without sleep.

Miss Ear: Why? Didn’t you have enough food in the bodies of your victims?

Mr. Mosquito: Yes, I had enough but…but…ah…

Miss Ear: But What?!

Mr. Mosquito: You have been a good friend to me Miss Ear, will you…

Miss Ear: Marry Me! You! Me! I can’t marry such a tiny person like you. Look at your thin legs! You look as if you will die any time from now. I am sorry. I can’t marry you and be a widow tomorrow!

Mr. Mosquito: Is your answer final Miss Ear?

Miss Ear: (as she stands up and starts walking away) It’s final my friend. Good bye.

Since that day, Mr. Mosquito visits Miss Ear daily (especially at night) to remind her that he is still alive despite the tiny legs and tiny stomach.

I hope I am not the only one that finds this funny!
An ear with legs?
A marriage proposal by a mosquito?!
And well…the cause of our bites at night being a reminder of a love that never was!!

Hats off to whoever wrote this…thanks for the entertainment and the laughs!

Who knew helping kids with homework could be so fun!

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