Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walmart Sighting

The other day I saw this bumper sticker in Walmart...(aka "Wally-land" to the Southerners here at MTI)...either way...I got a good chuckle and an "awww man!" all at the same time...can you say "paradox"!

All that to say...I sure hope some of you out there care...but either way...I'm gonna keep pretending that you do because it makes me just a little bit happier to think that you do!


Neil and Courtney said...

okay, that's hilarious.

ps: I care!

Jen Unander said...

hehehehe this made me laugh!! Oh and I care too... ;)

teri said...

You are at 89% today and i am praising the Lord!! And praying yes praying for our Corporate meeting tonight! Love you, ma