Saturday, June 6, 2009

MTI Lessons from the Week

MTI has been full of value topics and discussions. The days are centered around things that we as humans deal with each day but don't always have time to dive into and really examine just because of our crazy schedules and agendas. MTI (Mission Training International) seeks to do us examine our lives...see what it is that controls us...see where we need to change...see where we need to continue to grow.

That said, this was a changing week. Full of some hard topics...Rather than tell you about them with words, I figured I would just share some of the videos we watched during our class sessions. They will make you ponder, they will make you think, they will make you contemplate your life, and hopefully they will draw you closer to our Savior and Lord.

Topic 1 (Beginning of the Week): Dealing with Adversity

Topic 2 (Mid-Week): Stress and Conflict

Topic 3 (End of the Week): A Time for Silence and Solitude

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