Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Will YOU Do With $5??

If someone handed you $5 what would you do with it?
- Buy a cup of coffee?
- Get a few extra tacos from Taco Bell?
- Save it? Spend it?

Did you know that if each person on my mailing list committed to giving an extra $5 a month to the ministry in Uganda, I would go from being 83% funded to 100% funded on my monthly expenses!!

With $5 a month from YOU, we could…
- Get curriculum to 5,000 Ugandan kids
- Help rescue babies from the streets of Kampala
- Get orphans adopted into loving homes all around the world
- Bring the “Father” to the fatherless
- Transform a society with Christ’s Love!

I need YOUR help! I am leaving in 25 days and need more financial sponsors! If you are not yet giving, please consider committing to $5 a month now! Sign up online at:
“reoccurring payment” for Helena Pira

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