Saturday, June 20, 2009

11 days...

I can't believe it! My has time been flying!

I have 7 days left here in Colorado before I head back to California.

PILAT has been going well but it sure is challenging my brain.

I am in the Russian Language Group so I have now had about 8 hours of Russian language training in the last 2 days! I think my brain may have hit its capacity somewhere around 10am this morning but well...on I go...trekking forward!

After PILAT...I am so excited to have one more Sunday at Cornerstone once I get back in town...boy am I going to miss my church family!

I am so touched by the 6 different offers from my Cornerstone Family to borrow a car for my last days in California...Thank you for stepping are all such a blessing to me and a great picture of how a church family should function!

I am now at 89% on my monthly funding as well!! Up 2 percent in the last 2 days!! Thanks guys...I have 11% left to raise and 11 days left to do it! Lets see if we can up my monthly budget 1% every day for the next 11 that I can leave at my 100% goal! I have no doubt that God can provide it...please pray for His provision!

11% in 11 days...Pass the word and thanks again!

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