Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Insight Into Life at MTI

The last three weeks I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out just how to describe the experiences here at MTI. Yesterday my friend described it perfectly on her as a good friend does, I am going to copy what she wrote and let her describe it to you! Thanks Tracy :)

The entire MTI experience was more intimate than I can really share in this format right now. I am still processing how to implement the tools learned and truly want it to be more than an experience. It wasn't the "mountain top experience" you often get at retreat and such. It was more like they let you climb the mountain and then fall off. Then once you were at the bottom you got kicked and told to climb back up. I know that sounds cruel, but for some of us that is what it takes to learn and change.

So there you have it...MTI's SPLICE Program in a nutshell...

Monday I start the language portion here at MTI...otherwise known as the PILAT Program.

Hopefully we aren't kicked off any mountains during this half but never know!

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