Tuesday, July 29, 2008

21 Questions...

Believe it or not I am asked alot of the same questions over and over again... Here are some of the common ones I am asked and the answers to them... If you have others, feel free to ask them and I will do my best to answer them!

Question 1:
What are you doing with your house?
Hopefully renting it! I listed it in the Cornerstone Classifieds, Craig's List, Apartment Hunters & Westside Rentals... If you are interested in renting it let me know!

Question 2:
Who is going to watch over your place when you are gone?
I have two friends in the apartment rental business and they will both be helping me manage the place so that I do not have to hire and pay an outside company to do it.

Question 3:
What about your job?
I am going to take an unpaid leave for a year and then try to extend the leave after that. If LAUSD won't let me extend it, I will quit when the leave is over. I will keep my California credential current though so when/if I return I will not have to redo any of my credential requirements.

Question 4:
When are you leaving?
My first training is October 22-December 22. The last two trainings are May & June of 2009. I will depart for Africa after my last training (end of June/or beginning of July 2009)

Question 5:
Where will you live?
Not sure yet! But I will stay with some friends until I find a more permanent place.

Question 6:
Will you have running water?

Question 7:
Will you have electricity?
Yes! But it does go out frequently so hopefully it stays on more than it goes out!

Question 8:
How will you stay in touch with your friends here?
Mostly through email and this blog site

Question 9:
How long are you staying there?
Indefinitely... I don't want to put a date on it because I want to see what God does...It may be 5 years, 10, 20... I just don't know.

Question 10:
Will we ever see you again?
Yes! I want to stay in contact with all of you! Most long-term missionaries take a furlough every 3 years. It may not be exact but from what I have seen so far, most furloughs can be anywhere from 2 - 4 months long.

Question 11:
Can I come visit you?
YES! NMSI will help me coordinate people that want to come to help on short term trips. The more visitors I have the more encouraged I will be. An encourage and supported missionary tends to stay on the mission field longer and be more successful in their ministry so yes, yes, yes, I want you to come and visit me!

Question 12:
Is it safe?
As with any place you go, you have to take precautions. There is a pretty good chance that I will get sick and/or robbed but for the most part the area I plan on going to is pretty stable right now.

Question 13:
What does your family think about the whole thing?
Hummmm...let's say the jury is still out. Some are excited for me, Some think I am crazy, Some think I am stupid, Some don't support me at all, and Some want to come visit me... Its a mixed crowd.

Question 14:
Are you leaving because of your family situation?
NO, NO, NO! I am leaving because God is calling me to leave. I love living here in the US, I love my job, I love my condo, I love my friends and I love my family. I have no desire to run away from problems but I do have a desire to follow where God leads. I am not willing to leave the things I love just because the going gets tough with a few people BUT I am willing to leave the things I love to follow God. He alone directs my path.

Question 15:
Why do you want to go?
The first and most important reason is that I feel God wants me there... He has made it pretty clear to me over the last few years that this is where He wants me so who am I to argue with God

Question 16:
What will you do there?
I not 100% sure and in the missionary world, what you do changes constantly BUT I would love to help in the education arena... Not teaching per se but training teachers to teach better, revamping curriculum, doing school administration in a Christian International school that serves missionary kids and local kids or possibly getting more local kids into school... I would also love to help get more reliable technology into the schools so that the kids have a greater resource base....we will have to wait and see what doors God opens up!

Question 17:
Will you get a job there can support you financially?
Probably not. Most Ugandan places won't pay a salary to international missionaries so the majority of my funding will come from monthly supporters (churches & individuals) in the US.

Question 18:
If you stay there for a long time, will you marry someone there?
I don't know! Most of you that know me well know that I LOVE being single and would LOVE to STAY single FOREVER! But if God has a different plan for me, I am not opposed to it - but lets not jump the gun!

Question 19:
Isn't it really cheap to live there?
No not really, I have heard from friends that are already there that it can be more expensive than the US in many ways... For example, gas runs anywhere from $10-$20 a gallon and utilities are super expensive even though they are mostly unreliable. Cars are really expensive too even though they are all used and housing can also be pretty pricey. I will have a better idea once I sit down with NMSI people and get a preliminary budget set up.

Question 20:
Who knows you are going?
Most of my friends, people at my current church, people at my childhood church, previous co-workers, and my family members all know.

Question 21:
Who doesn't know you are going?
My boss, some of my current co-workers, and some of the people in my condo complex.

I hope that helps and please feel free to keep those questions coming!!!


Diane said...

You didn´t answer one question. If someone wants to come and visit you while you are in Uganda, will you have a place for her to stay?

Lena said...

Hey Diane...I am hoping yes but I will not know my exact living situation until I am there. Right now I have some friends that said I could stay with them until I find a place. I am hoping I can find a place with at least two rooms so that I can have visitors and/or a roommate. I will keep you posted on that though as more of the details are worked out =)