Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's Africa Like?? - Part 3

So we have covered transportation, dance, music and worship... what left do we have to cover???

How about food?

Unlike some of the other topics...I had a little bit harder time trying to find videos that represented this topic well. Soooooo, this time there will be mostly pictures or descriptions rather than all videos.

Food...Let's see, here are some everyday staples:

#1) Posho (the white flour mixture) and Matoke (the mashed boiled banana mixture):

#2.) Cassava (fried root veggie, kind of like potato):

#3.) Rolex (chapatti flatbread rolled up with egg, oil, tomato, cabbage, and onion)

#4.) Samosas (fried pastry commonly filled with veggies or meat or beans)

#5.) Chapatti (flatbread kinda like a tortilla but thicker):

#6.) Jackfruit (large stringy fruit that is bigger than a watermelon with a pineapple like texture, huge seeds, and slightly poisonous if you eat the white stringy section) the African delicacies...If you have a weak stomach turn away now or regret it later!

#1.) White ants (they are not your typical LITTLE black ones):

#2.) Grasshoppers (usually peeled and cooked in butter and salt)

I will admit...I did not try the delicacies...but here is a video of some brave sole on YouTube who did...He was much braver than I was!

Enjoy your dinners tonight!
OH and if any of you would like to try a traditional African dish without having to purchase a flight to Africa or risking dysentery from a local food stand, let me know because I am planning a trip to Los Angeles to go to a traditional African restaurant with some friends...Don't worry though, they don't serve white ants or grasshoppers and they are located in LA so they do have a cleanliness rating on the front window =)

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