Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to Type Holy Spirit!

Posting a blog is the craziest thing...

When I first started posted them I thought that it was a little weird to be writing a "journal entry" and letting the entire Internet community read it...BUT now it's crazy in a different way.

It's crazy because almost every time I sit down to type something, it goes a totally different direction then I was planning it to go and I usually have to change the title because it in no way relates to what I was going to write.

Now that in itself is not too crazy but the fact that what usually ends up on the blog is something convicting straight out of God's word is too much of a coincidence to me... For example:

A few days ago I wanted to sit down and write about a new book I just got about the struggle of children in Northern Uganda. I wanted to write about what a small world we live in because when I read the acknowledgement page of a random book I found off Amazon, the Acholi (Ugandan) girl that wrote it was thanking some Muzungu's (white people) that I had Christmas dinner with in Uganda this past December....small world, huh?

BUT instead of a blog titled "Girl Solder" or "Small World" I ended up with a blog titled "Matthew 9:35-38" and an analysis of Matthew 9:35-38! The funny thing is that I wasn't even thinking about those verses until I sat down and started typing. It just came's almost like the blog writing itself! Boy, I wish my college papers would just write themselves!

But seriously...I think it is the Holy Spirit seeping out into the writing of this blog and I think the Lord is using this blog to speak through me. It might sound odd but really...things like that don't normally happen to me when I am going through every day life but they are becoming a normal occurrence when I sit down to write on this blog site.

Is what I write on this blog an accident? A coincidence? I don't think that it is and that is really cool and exciting to me, but it is also something totally new and crazy to me as well!

I can't wait to see what I will be writing next!

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