Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is Risk?

So I finished reading my pastor's book a few weeks ago (Crazy Love by Francis Chan) and some of the questions he posed were quite challenging. In addition to Francis' book I am also reading a John Piper book called "Don't Waste Your Life"....from my reading, here are the questions I am posing to you:

What is Risk?

Have you ever risked anything?

Was the risk for your own gain or God's eternal kingdom?

I love the way Francis put it...and I am sure his words are better stated than mine but basically...sitting back in your comfortable world, knowing that God has called you to do more and NOT doing it is risky...

It's risky not in terms of our own earthly standards but because we as Christians know we will be standing in front of our Lord to be judged one day...Do you want to tell Him that His plan for your life was too "risky" and "uncomfortable" or do you want to tell Him that you did what He wanted and that you tried your very best to complete the task He had for you.

I can't risk NOT doing what God calls of me.....

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