Sunday, May 4, 2008

Are you CRAZY??? or Just a REALLY GOOD person?

These two questions are two that I have been hearing from my friends and family in the last response:


I am far from a good person, in fact, the bible says there is none that does good, not one. I can do nothing good by is God working through me. If it were up to me I would sit around being self centered and lazy, it is only by God's love for me that I can love others.

As for being crazy...

If I believed that this life was all there was, then yes, giving up my job, my house and my life would be crazy BUT I don't believe that this world is all that God has for me. I am serving him now and giving up my worldly things for treasures stored up for me in heaven... I am thinking of my eternal future not my worldly gain.

As a Christian up my things now and serving God is the only thing that makes sense...its staying where I am and ignoring God that is the CRAZY and RISKY thing to do.

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