Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayer PLEASE....

As I prepare this year I am sure that there are many issues and details that will arise...BUT...for now, these are the issues that can use your prayers!

1. That my job will stay on a year round schedule: There is a possibility that we will change schedules and if we do I will not be able to attend the October-December Missions Training. As it is now, my boss has already approved for me to take 2 1/2 extra weeks for my vacation so that I can attend!

2. Fundraising: That God will provide the $ for both missions trainings as well as the monthly support that I will need when I am in Africa.

3. My Home: That God will provided reliable people to live in my condo and that the rent will cover the current mortgage expenses

4. Family/Friends: Most of my non-christian family members and friends are convinced that will talk me out of going. Pray that I will speak to them graciously yet boldly for Christ and that my move will impact them in a mighty way.

5. Unity in the Community: The thing I am super excited about with NMSI is that one of their main goals is to create a unified community of believers on the missions field. I love that! Pray for the community that I will be apart of both during training and in Africa. Pray that we would be cohesive, flexible, loving and supportive of each other and that our love for each other will in turn shine brightly the love of Christ to the nations.

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maureen_23 said...

Emily, Richard and I love you and will continue to pray for you. We believe your work in Africa is awesome.

Maureen, Emily, and Richard

Ps. come visit us!