Friday, May 2, 2008

The Timeline...

Wow!! I am amazed at the response I have gotten from all of you and am so blessed to have so many people backing me up!

Now that some of you have had a little time to pick yourselves up off the floor and recover from the are more of the details...Keep in mind, these are my plans and God can change them in anyway that He so desires.

June - October 2008: Getting all the paperwork and applications in order

October 22-December 20, 2008: 9 Week NMSI Missions Training in Fort Meyers, Florida

January - April 2009: Finishing up my teaching job, getting my condo rented/sold, AND here's the big one...raising monthly support

Mid May-June 2009: 5 Week Language Acquistion and Cross-Cultural Training in Colorado

July 2009: Leave for Africa!!!

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