Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Got the Ticket!'s not THE ticket but it is an important one....

What ticket am I referring to?

Any guesses?

NO...It's not a ticket to the Dodger Game!

I got my airline ticket to attend the NMSI training in Florida.

Now many of you maybe thinking...Florida...whats so exciting in Florida?

Old ladies enjoying retirement? Humidity that makes you stick to the person next to you? While all of that sounds sooooo fantastic....the thing that really excites me about Florida is NMSI.

What is is like a "How to Missionary Training for Dummies" and quite frankly, this "dummy" needs some direction... VISA's, Budgets, Support Raising, Cross-Cultural living, and Global Training....just to name a few!

So, the countdown to training is on, and I leave for Florida on Oct. 21st!!! Wippee!

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Flavia said...

The Blog is just perfect, atleast am sure God's Work is being accomplished some where. Thank you Pira and am always glad to help if there is any, Just let me know.
God bless you always and we can't wait to see you again.