Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing Doreen...

Ankunda Doreen is another of GBI’s Child Development students.

Her name Ankunda means “He loves me” and indeed she also loves children. She works as a primary school teacher and has wanted to minister to children for most of her life. When asked what she likes most about working with children she said that she enjoys preaching the Word of God to them as well as praising and worshipping God with them.
Even though the Child Development course has only been in session for 1 month, she says she has learned so much. The course that has influenced her the most?
Special Needs Children!
Doreen admits that she didn’t know that children with special needs could do anything but now she says that she sees everyone equally in God’s eyes. “Normal? What really is Normal, there isn’t such a thing”, she says with confidence.
Now I can minister to children better and by the end of my 2 years at GBI I will be equipped with the knowledge I need to serve and transform the children in my community to the glory of God.

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