Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Child Development Testimonies...

The Child Development Program has been running for 1 month now and we have some very excited students because of it...

That being said, let me introduce Thomas Ojok!

Thomas Ojok is one of Gaba Bible Institute’s newest students. He, along with 12 others, are the founding class of the 2 year child development diploma program that was just launched in September 2010.

If you ever have the opportunity to ask Thomas about children or about Child development you will see a vibrant smile and passion come pouring out of him.

Thomas has been working with a Christian NGO called “Children of the Nations” for the last four years where he serves as the only male role model and “uncle” to 56 children and youth between the ages of 4 and 16.

Thomas says that it is his passion to study more about children, to see them grow and to be able to equip them to transform his society. "Our children are a source of wealth to our society, but yet, most Ugandan’s do not understand this," Thomas says, "it takes knowledge and training for us to fully understand God’s design and plan for our children. I am so blessed to study Child Development, it often brings tears to my eyes as I read and study all that God has laid before me. God has called me to serve our children; it is my purpose in life. When I have the education, I can lead a generation and that is why I am at GBI!"

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marcie said...

Awesome! Keep sharing about these students! I'd love to pass this along to my co-workers who helped with some books, so they can see who is using them!