Monday, October 25, 2010


I LOVE Saturdays...not just like them, I LOVE them!!


Well...there is the obvious reason...Sleeping In!

and the other obvious reason that, if I don't want to think...I really don't have to...

But then there are the other reasons I love Saturdays, ones that may or may not be different from yours...

1. PJ Days...yes, it is true...most Saturdays I stay in my PJs until at least noon...last Saturday it was all day...come on now...don't know you do it too!

2. Coffee...Saturday is the only day when I make REAL LIFE COFFEE! The rest of the days its good ol' instant which for some reason just isn't that good.

3. Conversations...Saturday is the day I get to sit and chat with my friends, my sister and my house help...I learn more about their lives, we usually have some conversation related to or about the bible, and we share laughs and jokes together!

4. Breakfast...Saturdays is also the day that I get to spend the most time with my sister Barbara...we usually collaborate and come up with a breakfast plan of bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, and some sort of bread...all ready to eat at the early morning time of NOON :) and yes...we are usually in our PJs for breakfast! :)

5. Visitors...If you haven't guessed by now, the good news of lazy Saturdays has gotten out and Barbara and I usually have someone we know drop by to share in our fun...last weekend we had Joseline who shamed us by going out for an early morning run while we slept, we had our youngest sister Angie who stayed with us for the week and has truly embraced our sleeping in motto, we had Alema (my house help), and Alema's daughter soooo great to hang out with family, friends and neighbors!!

SO...even though it is just Tuesday as I type this...I am looking forward to Saturday again :) AND while it is rare to see a picture taken of any of us on our lazy days, Alema's daughter took a snap of me and I of her as we captured pictures of each other's big Saturday Smiles :)

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