Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Search is ON!

A couple of months ago I heard of a book about a Jewish guy who set out to live out an entire year according to the bible...from what I was told, he followed all the old testament rules as literally as possible and gained a deeper understanding of Christianity as a result.

I forgot about the book until just this past week when it was brought up in another one of my conversations, so being in Jo'berg, I decided to check out the 5 bookstores in the local mall to see if I couldn't get a copy for myself...

About a day later, and with 2 sore feet, I am now convinced it is not for sale in the East Rand Mall!!! I did however find a huge stack of Francis' crazy love book on sale for the bargain price of 109 Rand...but I digress...

The only place this book seems to exist is online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both of which do not ship to Uganda :(

SO as a second option, I checked out the guy's website...making me want to read the book even more but definitely solidifying the fact that even though this guy lived out the bible for the year, he missed the good news of it entirely...

What did he conclude about living biblically after a year...well...according to his web page...for him it meant he had to:
  • wear sandals
  • eat Ezekiel bread
  • play a 10-string harp
  • carry a staff
  • drink goat's milk
  • wear a biblical looking robe
  • burn myrrh
  • light your house with olive oil lamps
  • sit on a handy seat
  • taste some kosher crickets
  • and avoid lustful movies

That is all the list said...I was kind of amazed that there was nothing in there about loving your neighbor or carrying for orphans & widows...despite his obvious holes...I still think it may be an entertaining read, and definitely a book I will continue to look for in bookstores nearest me :)

You can find out more about the book at:

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