Thursday, September 23, 2010


Despite the fact that Johannesburg, S.Africa is pretty much every list I came across as the 10 most dangerous cities in the whole world, I was surpised at how much it looked like LA...

1. LA is for the most part old and made of is Joburg
2. LA is a desert...very dry and usually is Joburg

3. LA has crowded roads full of nice does Joburg

4. LA has big malls, McDonalds, KFC, and theatres of all does Joburg

5. LA is host to drugs, graffity & sketchy is Joburg

6. LA is host to the Santa Ana winds and while the Santa Ana's arent in Joburg, it is surprisingly hot and windy just like LA.

So really...even though I was in S.Africa for work, it really was like taking a trip back to my home town of LA...I left complete with a tummy full of McD's, chapped lips and dry skin...ready for Uganda with its moister air and preservative-free food once again :)

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