Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Family

I know that God is a God of Families...

How do I know this?

It seems that wherever I go, no matter how near or far...God always provides me with a family.

As you all know I have a village mama...Mama Jane, who along with my kids gave me the name Mirembe... I love spending time with her but being that she lives 2 hours away from me now, I only see her every few months.

I guess God thought I needed family more than every few months though and so for the past several months now I have been adopted into the Kasekende family!! So my full Ugandan name is now Mirembe Kasekende :)

How did this happen??

I made friends with my neighbors :)

After a couple of months, one of them invited me to their family Sunday Lunch and the rest is history...I now have a standing engagement every Sunday afternoon for a family meal.

I love my new family and I am so very thankful to God for yet another home!

Let me introduce them to you...

Left to Right: Liz, Mum, Me, Angela, Barbara, Dad - Here we were Celebrating Mum's Birthday and Father's Day all in one at a great new restuarant!

Here is Mum and I at Emin Pasha...watching Barbara awe the crowd with her beautiful voice!

Dad and I...Not sure what we were laughing about but I know we had a great time!

My Sister Barbara...when we celebrated her 30th bday! We are both 1980 babies :)

My other two sisters (Liz & Angie)...enjoying our lunchtime conversations with each other!

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