Saturday, December 5, 2009


Honestly...some days I totally forget that I live in Africa...I get going with life and work and responsibilities and then all of a sudden something reminds me that really do live in Africa.

So what was it this time??

Today was a day of errands...getting house keys, getting a PO box set up, getting Internet set up, etc... A HUGE task for one day, being that things here move at a much slower pace than in the states.

So I get to the first stop, my apartment, pay the deposit and then find out the place still isn't clean or ready for me to get the keys till is Friday...lets hope that I get those keys tomorrow...BUT still I am feeling somehow successful because I actually got the lease agreement signed (which I had to type at the office myself, haha!) and the first 6 months of rent paid...yeah for me...!

Next stop...the PO Box! Another accomplishment...3 passport photos and a denied marriage proposal later...(Stay tuned for the new mailing address :)

SO yet...neither of these things reminded me of life in Uganda until I got to stop 3...the net setup. I bring my PC to the cell phone shop, and they don't have the modem I need so they call another shop and send a boda boda guy over with it...I wait and wait and then finally it arrives (but doesn't work when we try to install it) so instead of quiting there they call again and then determine the best solution is to send me to the other shop with the boda boda guy...OK...thats cool...I get to the other shop and go to the upstairs office where the ceiling is half my height and spend another hour waiting...still no success...the solution...come back Saturday...

So net yet, no keys yet, BUT I do have a PO Box...1 out of 3 tasks successfully accomplished = a pretty successful day...Lets hope by the end of the weekend that all 3 tasks get done...because that would flat out be AMAZING!

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