Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Kinda...I guess...

You know that feeling you get when you are unwrapping your gifts and you have NO idea whats inside but you know that it has to be something good...and then of course you want to put it into use right away because its the thing you have been missing all your life...??

Well...I had one of those moments today...not over Christmas gifts but over luggage...When I moved here I brought four bags with me...two went with me to Luwero and the other two stayed in my friends garage, 2 hours away...so today I unpacked one and it was like getting new clothes!

The clothes inside, even though they weren't new...were ones I remember liking and totally forgetting that I owned...6 months is a long time...and with a brain like mine there was no way I could remember what was in my luggage...

Sooo anyways....I am so excited to have clothes that haven't been stretched out with all the hand washing, and clothes that have yet to be bleached by the afternoon sun...they look like new compared to my old ones :)

I am looking forward to unpacking my other bag tomorrow...I have NO clue whats in that one BUT I sure I hope I packed something good :)

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