Saturday, October 4, 2008

UPGs...Unreached People Groups

I am in Perspectives at my church and let me! I have never looked at the bible in this way before...which is probably why its called perspectives in the first place.

Last night we talked about unreached people groups. There are still about 13,000 of them! The crazy thing is that only about 2.5% of all missionaries being sent out go to them.

Most missionaries go to places that have already been reached. This is because it is usually safer and its easier to gain access into the country. To get into a country that is restricted to the gospel you can't bank on your bible college degree...they won't grant you a VISA. Rather, you need to possess a skill (engineering, medicine, etc...) that they need.

Crazier still is that depending on where the people in these UPGs are, they only get the chance to hear the gospel once every 10 years or once every 100 years! Can you imagine that??!!

In America it is estimated that we have the opportunity to hear the gospel every day.

Lets face it, if you are not a Christian in America it is because you reject the gospel message every day in some form...

  1. you drive by your neighborhood church everyday and never go in
  2. you refuse to watch Christian pastors on television
  3. or listen to Christian radio
  4. you never read the tracks people hand you
  5. you refuse to walk into a bible bookstore
  6. you refuse to read the bible that is in the hotel room you are staying in
  7. or you refuse to listen to the good news that your Christian friend wants to tell you.

You have to do a lot of rejecting of Jesus to not be a Christian in America.

But can you imagine a place with no churches, no bibles, no Christian tracks, no Christian radio, no Christian tv, no evangelism, no praying...except for maybe one mention of Jesus every 1oo years?!

Its hard for me as an American to grasp that!

From now on when people ask me why don't I stay here and take care of the people here in America that need help...I am going to tell them about the UPGs of the world.

Now...some of you may be saying but wait...Uganda is not an unreached people are right...I am still praying and I have faith that God will send me where He wants me at the exact time that He wants me. Amazingly enough, most of Northern Africa are UPGs...I am going to wait and see what God does!

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