Saturday, October 11, 2008

10 Days...

Wow...I can't believe that NMSI Training is only 10 days away!

As I sit in my nice cozy bed I run through all the things that have to get done between now and then:

  • Clean the house...coming home to a clean home is always better than coming home to a dirty one!
  • Get someone to pick up my mail cause the P.O. Box will only hold mail for 30 days :(
  • Get someone to turn on my car every so often
  • Pack stuff...What do you pack for 2 months??!!
  • Hang out with friends before I leave (every night is booked from now until then!)
  • Get everything at work in place for the SUB
  • Get well...Yeah...I'm sick again!
  • Eat the rest of the stuff in the fridge...A two month science experiment is NEVER good!
  • Vote By Mail...which involves reading about all the props...ughhhhhhhh
  • Work...I'm even working the day I leave!
  • ???? - I have this nagging thought that I am forgetting something else that I am supposed to do....Hopefully I remember before I leave!

Besides all the things I need to do....I am SUPER excited about going to training! I am excited about meeting new colleagues, making new friends, getting more direction, figuring out what still needs to be done, learning more about God and His heart for the nations, and getting one step closer to Africa!

NMSI here I come!

1 comment:

nina said...

Hey Lena :)

I'm sad, I'm gonna miss you. But I'm excited for you too. We can't forget the power of prayer in all of this... Love you!

His forever,