Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florida Quirks

As some of you may know, Florida is a little different than southern California. Here are a few little differences or "quirks" I have noticed so far:
  1. Subways don't have avocados and if you ask for one you may get a really weird look and the comment "Avocados at subway? Subways don't have avocados!" (Can you hear the sarcasm???)
  2. ATMs do not dispense amounts divisible by 20 but rather in increments of $10, $30, $50...Let's just say it blew my mind that a $10 bill came out of the BofA ATM today.
  3. The weather is opposite of what it looks like out the window, at least for now...(i.e. It looked nice and sunny outside the window today and it was a brisky 40 something but yesterday it looked gloomy and it was a sticky hot mess)
  4. Intersections have ALOT of traffic signals...believe it or not I was sitting at a four way intersection today and it had 12 traffic signals strung along a wire over the intersection...maybe it's just me but I don't know if stringing heavy lights from a thin wire in hurricane and tornado territory is a real wise idea.
  5. People don't turn left onto streets with 7 lanes even when it has a center lane and is completely legal to do. When asked why they just say "it's dangerous to turn left onto a 7 lane highway." Imagine if we did that in Cali?! We would never get anywhere!
  6. Most swimming pools are completely screened in giving the appearance that you are in an indoor swimming pool but in reality you are outside with screens on all sides of you (including screens on the ceiling).
  7. There are no toilet seat covers....and if there are I have yet to find them.

Stay tuned for more in the next few weeks and months...

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Jen said...

if they weren't covered, they would have a lot of junk from the trees in them...its actually a really good thing even though it is weird! ;)