Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah!!! I'm NOT stupid!

So remember how I wrote on my facebook page that you should pray for me because I had a Luganda exam...Well...I have had a few now and at first I was really starting to feel stupid every time I got my papers back. The thing I couldn't figure out was why everyone was telling me I did great when I thought I did so poorly...

It wasn't until one of my friends clarified it for me..."You do realize they grade on a British scale and not an American one right?"

Me: Yeah...but what is the difference, I don't get it?!...Well it took a few days and my curiosity got the best of me, let me say I am so thankful to the Internet for clarifying it for me!!

My test scores so far:

64% & 74%

But in the British scale,

70% and above is an A (4.0)
60-69 % is a B+
55-59% is a B (3.0)
50-54% is a C+
40-49% is a C (2.0)
39% and below is an F...

NOW I don't feel so bad...but do you see why I was so confused in the beginning! haha! Yeah for good grades!

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Nz said...

Today I prayed that you would have the courage to love others as Christ loves you, Philippians 1:8-11