Saturday, March 5, 2011


In Cali we have the term "Spanglish" and it is a nice way of saying you are are speaking Spanish and English at the same time....half your sentence may be in Spanish with a few words of English thrown in...

I was reminded of Spanglish today when I was in my Luganda lessons and we were talking about "Luganda-nizing" English words that we do not have in Luganda. Right now, I am definitely use a lot of "Lugand-glish" for the simple fact that I dont have enough Luganda words in my working memory...BUT I have to say, the Lugandanizing of English words makes me kinda happy...

1.) It gives me less to memorize and
2.) It tricks me into thinking I understand more Luganda than I really do!! are some of our Lugandanized English words...
Try and see if you can figure out what words they are :) I will put the answers at the bottom (but don't cheat and peek before you try and figure it out for yourself :) After all, it will be more fun that way :)

1. Ssaati
2. Kkooti
3. Laadiyo
4. Bbaasi
5. Bayibuli
6. Ssikaati
7. Mmotoka
8. Bulangiti
9. Ttivvi
10. Pulofeesa
11. Zzipu
12. Mayiro
13. Ssiniya
14. Apo
15. Eggiraasi
16. Pulezidenti did you do?! haha! Did any of those look like English to you??? Let me assure you, they sound more like English than they look when they are spelled...

In case you couldn't quite figure out what these words were, here are the answers! I would love to hear how many you got right...

1. Ssaati = Shirt
2. Kkooti = Coat
3. Laadiyo = Radio
4. Bbaasi = Bus
5. Bayibuli = Bible
6. Ssikaati = Skirt
7. Mmotoka = Motor car
8. Bulangiti = Blanket
9. Ttivvi = T.V.
10. Pulofeesa = Professor
11. Zzipu = Zipper
12. Mayiro = Mile
13. Ssiniya = Senior
14. Apo = Apple
15. Eggiraasi = Glass
16. Pulezidenti = President

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