Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Curriculum Reviewers...

The Curriculum Review Team that met in Mukono, Uganda. These 19 people represent 7 African countries (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, & South Africa), and 14 Colleges & Universities all offering programs in Holistic Child Development.

GBI is all about partnerships! We truly believe that it is in relationship with each other that we can transform our society with the good news of Jesus and so many of our interactions are geared at partnering with the community around us. As a part of these partnerships, GBI is now working in the area of HCD, or Holistic Child Development. What we found with working with others is that in a community largely made up of children, there are very few formal training programs that train Christian workers to care for and minister to children. As we embarked on this new area of study at GBI, we found an elite few, worldwide, that are also embarking on the journey with us. Our common interests in training up workers to minister to at-risk children resulted in the creation of board of people, all participating in the work of formal training, from certificate level all the way up to the Master’s degree level. GBI is privileged to join this group of people, who represent 7 African countries, and 14 universities. Our goal is to unite our curriculum, as well as to work together in changing the negative way in which children are viewed in the churches and communities around us. It is just one area that GBI, and the Christian community is striving for excellence in equipping the Christian leaders in our society!

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