Wednesday, June 16, 2010


That's how many in Malaysia are Christians...the rest are Islamic, Muslim, Buddhist, etc...

You can tell by walking around the worship of other gods...most stores have their shrines by the front door as you walk in.

If you miss the small individual shrines, you can look on most streets and see the presence of temples and mosques.

Today I was talking to someone who has lived here for 12 years...He said that their are three types of people here:

1. Malay
2. Indian
3. Chinese

Of these, the Indians and Chinese have a free choice of the religion they practice...The Malay's don't however...All their identification is automatically marked as is illegal to be anything else...

Recently a Malay woman, who has been a christian for 20 years tried to get her identification card changed to was overturned in the high court and she was told not to make rash decisions.

Pray for the people here...its sad that such a modern, industrialized place still has such a closed mind to the gospel!

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Ed said...

Hey Lena, thanks for this. We'll be praying for you tonight.