Friday, February 20, 2009

Yippee!!! (hustle, bustle, eehh!)

So yeah!!!

I have a HUGE praise! In 2 weeks my new tenants are moving into my condo!! IT is such a blessing to have them and they love my place so I am praying they will be there a long time! They are going to be starting their family here so that is a great sign!

But eeeekk! Two weeks! So yeah, that's where my hustle, bustle comes in...This is only the second time i have moved in my life time and well...both times have been with only 2 weeks notice. So I know the next two weeks are going to be INSANELY busy but so rewarding once its done!

If you didn't get my furniture is for sale asap...if you are interested let me know! and anything I cant get sold I will need storage for so if you have garage space let me know...wink, wink!

I'm off to pack! Thanks for praying...I love to see God work stuff out :)