Friday, August 19, 2011

GBI gets a new look and a new name :)

Ever since GBI moved out of Gaba, our school name has been somewhat awkward, especially when meeting new people...usually my conversations went something like this...

"Where do you work?"

Me: "At Gaba Bible Institute"

"Oh okay, I know where Gaba is"

Me: "Well, its called Gaba Bible Institute because we used to be in Gaba but now the school is in Buloba."

"Buloba?! That's far!"

Me: "Well, its not too far and the plus is that now we have a nice new campus with lots of space!"

"But why is it still called Gaba then?"

Me: "Well, we will change our name soon but we are waiting for when we apply for a new accreditation from the National Council"

"Oh, okay"

SOOOOOO all that to say, now my conversations can be easier - I can just picture them:

"Where do you work?"

Me: "Africa Renewal Christian College"

"Oh okay, thats cool, where is that?"

Me: "Buloba..."

So there you have it, GBI is now ARCC or "Africa Renewal Christian College" and our new logo, well, I think its pretty cool :)

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