Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #3 in UG

Christmas #1 - 2007 I remember it well because I was SICK...Everyone went to Mukono for Christmas that year and I stayed on the couch, watching TV with a trash can by my side...

Christmas #2 - 2009 Was also one I remember...partly because I had high hopes for it but I remember being sooo bored. I had gone to church, then had lunch, then went home and watched movies on my laptop while it poured outside.

Christmas #3 - 2010 Was WAY better! It met and exceeded all of my expectations! My family and I went to a new resort on the lake. I went to the spa, hung out by the pool, ate enough food to feed me for a year and slept in a bed big enough to hold 5 people! Here are a few of the pics...It was fabulous!

The Nativity - UG Style

The Hotel

The Aftermath of the Gift Opening

Face Painting - Kayiza wanted to be Spider man

Christmas Carols by the Pool

Lots of Buffets

and Watching TV with the Fam

Overall, A very merry Christmas! Too bad we cant do this every month!

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