Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the BIG move....

Right after graduation, the staff and students at GBI geared up for our biggest move yet...our transfer to Buloba!

Here are a few snaps of the chaos!

My office...aka Staff PC holding room

The Moving Company brings in guys to help! Good took 5 full loads with an 18 wheeler and 3 trips with a lorry!

We took EVERYTHING...even dismantled the student lunch area and sold off the old tin roof!

This signs came down...with no trouble in the community! Yeah!

And Annet...well...the finance office can never shut down so Annet's office is now temporarily located in my living room...

It took a full 3 days to move everything...but for now...we are done!!! January will be when the tough job of unpacking and setting up the new offices begin...But until then...I'm on VACATION! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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