Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Duncan's Big Day...

Duncan joined us at GBI this past May as our Head of Community Development Programs and has quickly become one of the gang here at work.

Some of us have nicknamed my brother "trouble" as he loves to tease people and make them laugh. Any given day you may hear Duncan call me "Sir" or me call him "Ma'am"...not because I get my luganda mixed up but rather because Duncan just likes to be a result, we have bonded and are in great anticipation as we eagerly await Duncan's big day on 21st Aug...otherwise known as the wedding day!

We are in full swing around here, the girls deciding what they will wear for the events (the give away and the wedding) and the men...well...they like to give Duncan pointers for his soon to be married life and tell him he needs to be more tidy as a married man :)

I am privileged to be invited to the give away, which is happening 2 days before the wedding. The give away is a party thrown by the bride's family, in which the husband to be brings "his people" to come and officially accept the bride from her family.

From what I am told, certain people have certain tasks at the give away...there are people who are there to keep the groom calm, people there to receive the bride, and much much more.

I am told my job is to receive Charity for Duncan. I don't yet know all that it entails but I am happy to do it as his adopted sister and very honoured that he chose me for such an important task!

I am sure there will be lots of pictures stay tuned for updates & pictures as Duncan's Big Day quickly approaches!

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Ed said...

Hey Lena, weddings are cool! Enjoy (looking forward to the pics)!