Monday, March 15, 2010

You know you live in Uganda when...

  • You refer to the person standing next you as "this one"
  • You feel ripped off if you are asked to pay 30 cents when you normally pay 20 cents
  • You sit on a boda and they know where you without you telling them
  • You greet the local council person and they already know who you are, and where you live
  • You push in line and ignore personal space bubbles
  • You are late to work when it rains
  • You walk with or through a herd of cattle without thinking twice
  • You greet people with "well done" rather than "what's up?"
  • You go out, eat Ethiopian food, have a soda, and leave the waiter a tip all for less than 2 dollars
  • You can't give people a physical address of where you live, because one doesnt exist
  • You have to go into the bank if and sign a request to get a monthly bank statement
  • You go 4 months without ever receiving an electricity bill, and then your power is shut off because you never went to pay the bills you never got in the first place
  • You call your pants "trousers"
  • And your underware your "pants"
  • You don't think its weird to ride a motorcycle without a helmet
  • Or ride in a car without your seat belt on
  • You point with your lips, eyes or chin rather than your finger
  • You tell people to come via a closed wave
  • Your feet are permanently tanned but your legs and knees are whiter than snow
  • Your heals look like a replica of the grand canyon
  • Your friends bring you chocolate chips in their luggage
  • You have 1 minute phone conversations and commonly hang up on people without saying goodbye
  • You enjoy a good cold showers after a long, hot and sweaty day

and lastly...

  • You think its normal to ask people to "flash" you...but its not an obscene request

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