Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riddle me this...

Here's a riddle for you...well maybe not a riddle, more like a guessing game...

What requires 4 hands,
9 hours of sitting,
$13 US dollars,
2 packages of hair,
and two very patient people???

Any guesses??

My new hair style :)

Yep, I took the plug and had my hair twisted despite the warnings that it would hurt terribly...

Surprising, the french braids in elementary school hurt MUCH worse than these, with the exception that my bum kept falling asleep from sitting on a hard concrete floor for 9 hours.

So what are the perks of this 9 hour, $13 ordeal...

  1. No washing my hair for a month...saves my shampoo, my time and my water, all of which I am short on at the moment.

  2. I don't have to brush my hair for a month...definitely allowing me to sleep a little longer in the mornings :)

  3. I don't have to try and get dirty hair to do what I want...there really is no styling required :)

  4. I understand Llugandan culture a little bit better.

  5. The $13 that it costs helped a mother in the local village buy food for her 4 kids.

  6. The Ugandan's have been telling me all day that my new do makes me look smart...Does that mean I looked really bad before???

SO now that you are all is the new do...

And..a few questions I now have, mainly as a result of sitting on the floor for 9 hours...

  1. How expensive is this in the states?? My guess is in the hundreds...

  2. How do they make synthetic hair??

  3. How much heavier would my head be if I bought "long" hair instead of "short"?

  4. How long will I last before my scalp starts iching as a result of non-washing?

  5. How difficult is it going to be to sleep tonight?

  6. When will my bum stop feeling like it is asleep?

  7. If this took 9 hours to put in, how long will it take to get out?

  8. And an even better DOES this hair come out?

Well thats all for now...I am sure you will hear more on my adventures of hair plating sometime in the future...stay tuned :)

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teri said...

i think you look absolutely beautiful!! so you need to figure out how to trade work for that 9 hour hairdo or something, no? it's wonderful, is it really heavy? You look terrific my are you feeling? i would really love to hear from you my dear.