Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I wish frogs knew the game Marco/Polo!

Visitors to my homestead yesterday included several ants, a hairy caterpillar, a wasp, a lizard and a frog...

I managed to squash the ants,
sweep the hairy caterpillar outside,
and convince the wasp to fly out the front door.
I also accidentally stepped on the lizard,
who died from his fatal internal injuries.
BUT this frog, or toad rather, has me stumped.

He arrived sometime last night during the rains and wouldn't really bother me that much, with the exception that he insists on croaking, loudly, between 3 and 5 am!

Last night when I heard him I went into the living room with my flashlight to find him. Apparently toads don't take to fondly to lights because he didn't make a peep...

In the morning when we had electricity again, I looked for him BUT he was no where to be seen. I figured he must have went back to his home but I was wrong.

I heard him throughout the day and so asked some of the Ebenezer boys to help me find and catch my visitor...David and John were ready for the task but we searched and searched and still no frog.

Tonight, he's back...croaking at 4 am...uggH!

Doesn't this toad know that I donated 3 of his cousins to the S3 science project last month...

I feel an urge to make another donation...if only I could find him!

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