Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Friday

This Friday will mark a first for me....

It will be the first time my voice is heard on a talk radio show...a live talk radio show!

I was invited to be on LA Talk Radio.com this Friday from 8 to 9pm to talk about Uganda, my faith, my ministry plans, and my fundraising! I'm not sure what station number it is but I know that it will be broadcast on XM Radio at 8pm. So if you are around, take a listen :)

Pray for me to speak clearly and boldly! Also pray that the last of my monthly support will be raised through the radio audience!

I will try and post the transcript or the show here once it airs :)

XM here I come!


Neil and Courtney said...

only you would get on a talk radio show just so God can blow you away with how He provides in the craziest of ways.

amazing. and totally ridiculous at the same time.

I love it!

Neil and Courtney said...

how'd it go??

teri said...

Sorry Lena i thought it was Saturday, and didn't get to tune in, so please let us know how it went, kay?