Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Perspective....

Some one showed me this today and it really blew my mind...yes I doesn't take much!!
  • Africa remains the least developed continent

  • Africa is the continent most plagued by disease, poverty & malnutrition

  • Africa also largely remains off the news radar in the developed world

  • Yet...Africa is larger than China, the USA, Western Europe, India, Argentina and the British Isles...COMBINED!

Maybe this blows my mind because I am so used to living in a "ME" centered country where our problems are the "most" important, or our advancements are the "best"...maybe we as a society should start thinking about others more often rather than it being "all about us"!

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Katie said...

You're not alone...this blew my mind, too! I mean I knew Africa was big...but not that big! That puts a damper on some of my travel plans:( It's going to take a bit longer to get places than I thought! Thinking about you at MTI:)

David Matthew Quinn said...

This is a great map! Thanks for sharing.

Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

Your website is great! I can't wait for you to help me. This map really makes you think doesn't it?