Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watching God Work... there was one time in my life when I thought that people were crazy to believe in thought was how do they know what they believe is the real deal...I used to think that Buddhists believe they had the way, atheists believed they had the way, Muslims believed they had the way...I figured how is that any different from Christians who believed they had the way.

Well...let me just say...I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I have the WAY! How do I know that my God is the God loves me so much that he listens to my prayers and answers them. He is a God who has the details taken care of. A God that I don't have to wonder if he will really come through for me. He is a God that has a plan and that nothing can stand in his way...not the bad economy, not the housing market...nothing!

This past year has been a year of answered prayers and it is so encouraging to see how God continues to amaze me. What has God done for me?? Here are the ways my God has answered my prayers in the last 4 weeks...

1. God answered my prayer for renters and they moved in about a week ago

2. God answered my prayer about New Hope Uganda and I was accepted for this July as one of their institute students

3. God answered my prayer about my furniture and all of it sold within 2 weeks with no bartering!

4. God answered my prayer for a bed to sleep in and I have a great roommate who has an amazingly comfortable bed for me to use

5. God answered my prayer for increased financial support and I increased from 12% to 44% in one month

6. God answered my prayer for a way to tell my boss about Africa and I got a pink slip from LAUSD...laying me off exactly 2 days before I plan to leave for Uganda.

7. God answered my prayer for people to encourage and support me and I have so many new people on my support team that are doing a great job at that! God is a god of answered prayers, of kept promises, and of amazing love...I wish everyone on this planet knew my God!!

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Jen said...

love this...thank you for sharing, Lina!!!!