Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And The Sun Came...

I received a great gift this past Friday...it was a rather random and unexpected one but great none the less.

I took the day off work to volunteer at the so cal kindergarten conference. My job is the same every year...I get to check in the exhibitors that are selling their goods at the conference.

So this year, as I checked in the same familiar faces that I always do, I came across a new face. A man named Paul Nzalamba who was selling art from his homeland...Uganda! Random?? I think not!

So Paul and I chatted throughout the day, I would stop by his booth to see how stuff was going and he would swing by my table and remind me to come talk to him. I shared with him the lugandan words I knew and he shared with me some of the little quirks and customs that the locals know.

During one of my visits to his booth, he handed me a postcard, like the one you see above, and told me it was his gift to me. He had painted the picture to remind him of Uganda...here's the story he told me about his painting entitled "And The Sun Came".

The sun is coming out after the rainy season
The yellow hills represent the dry season
The green hills represent the wet season
The woman's skirt on the left represents the abundance of corn
The woman's skirt in the middle represents the abundance of millet
The woman's skirt on the right represents the abundance of peas
The woman are dancing because they know that they will not starve with the abundance of resources in the great country of Uganda.

Pretty cool huh?!

Once again, I can say thanks to God for giving me a random meeting with a Ugandan who lives near me...I'm up to 4 now!

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