Thursday, June 23, 2011


2006 was the first time I stepped foot in Gaba, at that time GBI didn't exist...

In 2007, I once again stepped foot in Gaba, this time it was in a 2 story white house which was being turned into what is now known as Gaba Bible that time, it didnt look like much and didn't have much! Most of the books were from the 1960s and there were very few people on the campus.

In 2010, the 2 storied house was falling apart but the school itself had started to prosper...we had gained accreditation, we had newer books, student desks, and more students and staff. The school was in such a bad state though, that the 2nd floor of our school was condemned and the students studied outside under tents...

In 2011...the state of our school changed dramatically...and God blew me away with what he could do. We moved into our new campus, which was no longer a rented house, but consisted of 18 acres of land for us to grow into.

AND NOW...while none of us but God can know the future, we can get a glimpse of where GBI is headed...I am soooooo blessed to be apart of this! Thank you for praying! As I see God continue to do amazing things everyday through Gaba Bible Institute, I can truly say, I can not even imagine what he still has in store for us! For we are TRULY blessed!

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