Thursday, January 27, 2011

School girl?

I have to say, I would never, never classify myself as a school girl...for some reason when I think of school girls I think of short skirts and Britney her early years that is...

But it's true, I am for the first time in my life a school girl...that is, someone who ONLY goes to school...I think if I had been a school girl during college I may have learned alot more than I actually did...but its amazing how much free time you have to actually do your homework, rather than just have enough time to make up excuses for why you didn't have time to do your homework.

So it's full steam this pace, I am hoping I will have some good luganda speaking skills by March...but my brain is old, and well, its hard to teach old dogs new pray for me as I venture into this school girl, "let's learn luganda" thing!!

Mweebale Musaba!!

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