Monday, April 6, 2009

How can God love me this much!?

I am blown away by God and His goodness!

Tonight my one-time support jumped from being at 24% to 44%!

I stand amazed at how God is using His body of believers to rally behind me and send me off!

God continually amazes me each and every week in the provision and watch care over me!

I am so blessed to know Him, to know His kindness, and to know His unfailing love!

All I can do is get on my knees and praise His Holy Name!

Thank you Father for Your Grace, I am truly humbled by Your love for me!

I can never repay You for Your kindness but I pray that each and every step I take brings glory and honor to You and You alone!

I am left speechless by You...Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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Neil and Courtney said...

JEALOUS. (of the massage)