Monday, April 13, 2009

A busy week...

This week is going to be BUSY~

Pray for me!

I am speaking to two community groups this week, sharing my ministry with them and asking them to join with me both prayerfully and financially.

I also have the opportunity to share my ministry video with my home church this upcoming Sunday and have a table in the lobby to chat with people. Pray that while I won't get to speak to everyone (there are approx 4000 people at my church) that they will still get a glimpse of my heart and get excited about what God is doing in Uganda!

I am also super excited this week because two of my new friends from the NMSI training in Florida are coming into town! Pray that we will just enjoy each other's company before we all head off to places around the world!

Thanks for your prayers!

Have a great week~

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