Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Luganda Proverbs...

One of my assignments in language school is to memorize some of the Luganda proverbs we have...if you know anything about me though, you know my memorization skills are TERRIBLE! So I thought I would share a few of the proverbs here in an attempt to aid in my memorizing!!!

These are just a few from a book of over 1000 proverbs I have, I am giving you just the literal translation...see if you can figure out what the meaning behind them are - (hint: I gave you easy ones)...As with any proverbs in any country these will also give you a little view of what culture looks like in Uganda!

"Abali awamu, tebalema kuyomba" - People who live together cannot fail to have quarrels

"Abangi babi kulya, balungi mirimu" - A crowd is bad for eating, but good for work

"Ab'oluganda bwe bayomba, tossaayo kikyo" - You should not give an opinion when 2 relatives are quarrelling.

"Agenda gy'amanyi, tazibirirwa budde" - One who travels to a familiar place does not worry about arriving in the dark.

"Akatono, kekazzza omukwaano" - A small gift strengthens a friendship

"Akozesa emikono gye, tabulwa ky'aalya" - One who uses both hands, cannot fail to eat

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sahlem said...

these are very good ones Lena, i really appreciate the hidden humor in most luganda proverbs. here are some more for your collection. to tankula omusota o'gwebase - do not tangle with a sleeping snake.
and another proverb which is more of a saying stemming from the proverb " te gakyali mbaga" - meaning ..the wedding is over also gose like this..." oba oluwoza tuli ku mbaga, njja ku laga etima."...translation - ( if you think it is a Wedding Day, i will show you my heart.) this proverb can be used to confer notions of an eminent threat.